Our HOPEX solutions, powered by a single, integrated platform, bring together industry-leading best practices in enterprise architecture (EA), business process analysis (BPA), IT portfolio management (ITPM), and integrated risk management (IRM).

The platform offers an easy-to-use, collaborative workspace. Users can access the platform through a role- and web-based interface that is customized based on the tools and information they need to be effective. Through the platform’s services, repository administration, and technical configuration capabilities, users are supported at every step of their project.

Our common platform fosters synergies and collaboration across organizational silos. Every user can work towards the same goal to support your organization’s strategy and objectives. It also easily integrates with third party solutions using Restful and GraphQL APIs.

Key benefits


  • Open: Use Restful and GraphQL APIs to easily integrate with third-party solutions.
  • Integrated: Work in a single platform providing an integrated view across multiple practices.
  • Collaborative: Work together using out-of-the-box collaborative workflows.
  • Social: Subscribe to any HOPEX item, attach review notes, and submit ideas to improve business and IT performance.
  • Easy to use: Access HOPEX through a role-based desktop, specifically designed for your needs.

Out-of-the-BOX Integrations

  • ServiceNow: Align the IT inventory between HOPEX IT Portfolio Management and ServiceNow.
  • Flexera Technopedia: Retrieve end-of-life and end-of-support information from an online library of software product lifecycles.
  • CAST Highlight: Get another perspective for your in-house applications through metrics based on software code analysis. 
  • SAP Solution Manager: Provide alignment and transparency between business processes and SAP implementation.
  • Microsoft Excel: Quickly import information existing in your organization.
  • Microsoft Visio: Easily load Visio models into HOPEX
  • HOPEX DataMart: Generate an external relational database (RDBMS) and export data to third-party Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Restful and GraphQL APIs 

  • Easily query HOPEX thanks to powerful open APIs 
  • Quickly integrate HOPEX with any third-party applications to fulfill your specific use cases