Our HOPEX solutions, powered by a single, integrated platform, bring together industry-leading best practices in enterprise architecture (EA), business process analysis (BPA), IT portfolio management (ITPM), and integrated risk management (IRM).

The platform offers an easy-to-use, collaborative, multilingual workspace backed by a single repository. Users can access the platform through a role- and web-based interface that is customized based on the tools and information they need to be effective. Through the platform’s services, repository administration, and technical configuration capabilities, users are supported at every step of their project.

Our common platform fosters synergies and collaboration across organizational silos. Every user can work towards the same goal to support your organization’s strategy and objectives.

Key benefits


  • Collaborative: The platform is built with the user in mind - views vary according to user roles so that they aren’t overwhelmed with data that isn’t relevant to their projects. Users contribute on a single platform and work together through out-of-the-box collaborative workflows.
  • Social: Users can like, subscribe or attach review notes to any HOPEX item. Review notes include threads of discussion so users can easily exchange information when working on common projects. Additionally, ideas can be raised by any HOPEX user to improve business and IT performance.
  • Integrated: The platform uses a single repository and provides a consistent user experience via a common workspace.
  • Easy to use: The web-based interface can be tailored to each user profile. Tiles built into the homepage are shortcuts to frequently used features.
  • Secure: You can configure user access rights and confidentiality settings based on your organization’s policies and preferences.
  • Reliable: The platform is based on proven market standards, with a repository that can ensure data consistency and audit trails.

Platform services

Collaboration, productivity, and interoperability are just some of the benefits provided by the single platform that drives all of our HOPEX solutions.

  • A report engine automates the design and customization of interactive dashboards and reports. Pre-configured, customizable dynamic reports, with striking data visualization features, facilitate communication and decision-making.
  • A data mart feature enables users to copy production data to an intermediary database. It makes it easy for users to query this intermediary database in order to make reports that have output to third party BI tools.
  • Web services allow users to import and export data, pre-defined queries, and much more.
  • A questionnaire-based assessment engine allows for the design and deployment of campaigns, and automates the consolidation and analysis of results. It can natively apply to your organization, risks, controls, and IT assets.
  • A graphical, diagram-based modeling engine describes and documents your organization and assets, including business processes, information, risks, controls, applications, technology, data, and their dependencies. It provides birds-eye view maps that let you drill down into specific details.
  • A workflow engine automates policies and procedures, such as validation, assessment, and governance, and allocates tasks to users depending on their roles and user profiles. Users can automate communication and collaboration, and get the guidance they need at every step of their project.
  • A document generation engine covers standard and custom document template design, as well as automated document generation and circulation.