3 Steps to Tackling IT Modernization in the Government

Digitalization and legislative pressure are driving government agencies to modernize aging IT environments. IT must reduce costs while delivering mission support and planning for future state. They must embrace emerging technologies and cloud resources, and architect for interoperability and openness.

Key challenges facing government agencies include:

  • Aging systems and infrastructure that add cost and increase security risks
  • Budget cuts that hinder the ability to deliver critical services
  • Adhering to new directives while balancing and maintaining compliance with existing ones (including understanding cloud readiness)

Read this white paper as a guide to tackle IT modernization projects.

It covers 3 key steps to help your IT department propel innovation and meet modernization objectives using IT portfolio management

  1. Systems inventory: visibility into all systems to create traceability and an understanding of the business function of each system
  2. Systems rationalization: information about underlying technology and lifecycle needs to help make decisions about decommissioning or investing in systems
  3. Reduction of risk related to technology obsolescence: understand potential security risks of deployed systems (whether it be from code … or from interactions with third parties or other systems)
3 Steps to Tackling IT Modernization in the Government