5 Organizational Challenges of GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) expands the scope of personal data protection for EU citizens and thereby, increases responsibilities of companies controlling or processing personally identifiable information relating to those data subjects.
GDPR compliance raises many organizational challenges, as it is not only a matter of securing existing personal data, but also implementing methodologies that support data protection-by-design.

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  • Establish shared accountability by connecting people, updating processes, leveraging appropriate technology, and cultivating a compliance-first culture
  • Manage increased scope by assessing how the compliance changes might impact the business
  • Prioritize compliance efforts by minimizing compliance risks, meeting regulatory requirements, and maintaining business roadmaps
  • Demonstrate compliance by proving in a complete and comprehensive manner that all GDPR requirements are met
  • Implement data privacy-by-design by incorporating privacy data throughout the product/service lifecycle
5 Organizational Challenges of GDPR Compliance