5 Steps to Building a Business Case for Customer Journey Mapping

Power has shifted from companies to customers, who have the ability to easily compare your products with others and switch brand loyalty at the click of a mouse. This increases the pressure on your company to innovate faster and deliver the best customer experience, better than one offered by your competitors. 

With the information gleaned from customer journey mapping, you always have the latest information on trends in your markets, an understanding of what buyers are seeking, and where you can adjust your products and processes to satisfy customer demands and grow revenues. 

In this respect, customer journey mapping can help your company improve the customer experience, build brand loyalty and become a market leader

How can you persuade your executive team that investing in customer journey mapping may be the smartest decision they make this year? 

This workbook covers five steps to help you build the case to transform the business by improving the customer experience through customer journey mapping:

  1. Define where you want to go
  2. Define where you are
  3. Identify your decision makers and stakeholders
  4. Create your value statements
  5. Demonstrate the value of customer journey mapping and ways to measure it


5 Steps to Building a Business Case for Customer Journey Mapping