There is no doubt that the agile trend is having a profound effect on software development practices, as well as on the organisation of IT departments and beyond.

In this webcast, hosted by The Open Group, MEGA's Chief Research Officer Antoine Lonjon present how the EA discipline itself is being deeply challenged by this agile manifesto, and how it manifests a shift of focus from the traditional command and control organisation of work, to the organisation of purposes.

In this webinar we discuss the Agile trend, and how EA can adapt:

  • How do you manage decomposition at the level of the enterprise?
  • How do you scale from local purposes to common purposes and ensure decentralised, sustainable business models?
  • Revisit the core concepts of EA - what we mean by purpose, value and being 'product-centric'
  • What we mean by 'products and services?'

This article Agile at scale: architecture in the age of complexity also gives you an idea of Antoine’s current work on this topic.