A Best-in-Class Plan for Business Transformation and Improved Customer Experience

There is now a better awareness around customer experience: the deeper understanding that it does not necessarily equal customer service.

In order to offer superior customer experience, organizations need to adopt business models that are designed to get the most out of technologies such as mobile and cloud computing. With this in mind, organizations today are putting in the hard work to carry out digital transformation because they understand it is vital for them to be innovative, more competitive and to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

Aberdeen Group research has shown that leading organizations are those that are changing their business strategies and capabilities, adopting new business models, and transforming their process and practices in order to improve customer experience.  They are also changing their business strategies and capabilities with the purpose of building innovative and profitable businesses. 

It was also pointed out that: “42% of businesses say they lack insight into customer experience” and "Best-in-class organizations see a 50% higher customer retention rate."

Even if you are late to the customer experience game, it’s never too late to begin improving your programs. You will make your customers’ lives easier and better and see your business transform.

Download this report and learn Aberdeen's main conclusions to:
•    Set the right strategy to effectively deploy and leverage new technologies
•    Implement improved business models and processes to succeed
•    Map customer journey to improve customer experience and increase customer satisfaction and revenues
•    Put in the right plan for business success with key milestones for an effective transformation

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A Best-in-Class Plan for Business Transformation and Improved Customer Experience