Customer Journey in HOPEX Business Process Analysis

In today’s digital age, a driving force behind a successful business is the ability to craft a positive customer experience. A happy customer will not only come back, but will share their buying experience online and promote your product. And let’s face it – with the power of social media today, this can make or break your business.

Leverage HOPEX business process analysis to improve your company’s customer journey:

  • Manage the end-to-end customer experience for each persona, map and rank touchpoints in order to identify where to optimize/invest first
  • Every touchpoint can be ranked from a customer satisfaction perspective
  • Touchpoints can be linked to your organization’s internal processes and to business resources such as applications. You can also monitor how internal processes support the customer journey

This feature is part of HOPEX Business Process Analysis which provides insight into and creates traceability between your business activities. Organizations can ensure alignment with strategic transformation decisions by reshaping and validating their operational processes.

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