Customer Journey Mapping: Shaping Customer Experience

Power has shifted from companies to customers, who have the ability to easily compare your products with others and switch brand loyalty with a simple click of a mouse. This increases the pressure on your company to innovate faster and deliver the best customer experience -- better than one offered by your competitors. 

Do you have a true understanding of who your customers are and how they interact with your company? Can you say, with confidence, that your company designs products and business processes that attract the customers you want?

This 45-minute webcast covers: 

  • Steps for creating winning customer journey maps that enrich customer experience
  • Strategies for connecting customer journey maps to processes, IT systems, business requirements, and business capabilities
  • A software demonstration of MEGA’s customer journey mapping capabilities in HOPEX Business Process Analysis

Nicole Celeste
Pre-Sales Engineer, MEGA International

Customer Journey Mapping: Shaping Customer Experience