Enterprise Architecture Applied to Financial Services

In an era of drastic changes in financial institutions, assessing how IT and operations support business capabilities and the customer experience is fundamental to maintain a competitive advantage.  

Enterprise architecture (EA) is a key enabler of digital transformation that helps to keep pace with technological, business and regulatory changes and demands in these fast-evolving times.

Learn from this webcast to explore how leading institutions are reinventing themselves through enterprise architecture practices based on real life case examples. 

Key takeaways include:

  • US Case study: How a large insurance company undertake rationalization efforts on its global IT portfolio and positioned EA at the heart of the organization
  • ASEAN Case study: How a leading commercial bank leads its process excellence journey by improving customer experience through process optimization 
  • Practical EA use cases applied to financial services:
    • Importance of IT rationalization as a prerequisite to strategic planning.
    • Strategies for connecting customer journey maps to processes, IT systems, business requirements, and business capabilities
    • Improve enterprise-wide visibility to achieve better performance and high compliance rate 


  • Talgatbek Bektemirov, Presales Manager, MEGA International
Enterprise Architecture Applied to Financial Services