Enterprise Architecture: Creating Success in Digital Transformation

Companies can’t wait to pursue digital growth strategies while more technology-savvy competitors capture customers and market share. They must achieve their business transformation to become more relevant to their customers and more competitive in their markets. Digital transformation continues to be a priority for company executives because they know it drives their ability to improve the customer experience, stay ahead of competition and generate business growth. So how can enterprise architecture play a key role in the digital transformation process?

“By 2020, at least 55% of organizations will be digitally determined, transforming markets and reimagining the future through new business models and digitally enabled products and services,” - IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Digital Transformation 2019 Predictions.

The new paradigms of digital transformation

Digital transformation takes hold as the path to business improvement. To help them reach their goals faster, many companies have adopted four best practices:

  • Offer a flawless customer experience
  • Reduce time-to-market through improved agility
  • Adopt disruptive technology
  • Insure data governance and compliance with data privacy regulations

How enterprise architecture tackles digital transformation challenges

The enterprise architecture approach can improve various business imperatives:

  • Design business processes and customer journey maps
  • Rationalize IT to make IT systems ready to support constantly evolving business needs
  • Build a solid business architecture and embrace IT strategic planning
  • Turn data governance into a strategic approach

Within the context of new business challenges, enterprise architecture models will be enhanced through data mining. Helping to determing priorities for improvements or failure of systems. 

The new roles of enterprise architects leading digital transformation

Enterprise architects have sometimes been described as living in an ivory tower, disconnected from reality and finding it difficult to demonstrate the business value that results from enterprise architecture. However, they can play a pivotal role in advancing and accelerating digital transformation. In the highly disruptive and agile environments, see how enterprise architects can be business partners working closely with agile teams who facilitate digital business transformation. 

Enterprise Architecture: Creating Success in Digital Transformation