Eutelsat Teams up with MEGA to Transform IT Systems

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Eutelsat had several objectives it wanted to accomplish through the Enterprise Architecture program. It wanted to facilitate IT governance through an accurate and shared understanding of IT systems and business processes. This would ensure fact-based decision-making about future changes to Eutelsat’s IT systems. The company also sought to streamline applications and remove under-used capacity, in order to simplify IT systems and cut costs. By using an SOA approach in some areas and standardized software packages where possible, Eutelstat planned to build a business-driven and more flexible IT system.

Finally, the EA program would allow Eutelstat to industrialize the IT department to ensure proper IT system management through centralization and sharing of information. This would also result in a better understanding of business processes supported by IT. Another advantage would be clear formalization of business needs, based on business process descriptions. The company also would benefit from sharing of IT best practices such as ITIL and architecture initiatives.

Thanks to the MEGA Suite, we are now able to define the future goals of Eutelsat IT systems, and plan the different steps needed to achieve those goals, including changes that impact business processes and technical infrastructure. It’s an extremely useful, accurate and reliable aid to enterprise IT governance” Philippe Martinet, IT Director at Eutelsat.

About Eutelsat

  • 27 satellites serve 150 countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas
  • Broadcasts 3,700 digital television channels and 1,100 radio stations
  • Audience of 204 million in cable and satellite TV homes
  • Workforce of 660 individuals of 28 nationalities
  • Consolidated 2010revenues of €1,047 million 
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