Financial institutions: align business strategy and customer experience

New technologies such as IoT, AI, Blockchain, Robotics, and open APIs are great opportunities for financial institutions to develop innovative ways to connect to customers, improve processes, and increase efficiency. But these same technologies can also increase the burden on institutions not ready to handle the complexity and required skillsets of these emerging trends. 

As customers get exposed to more digital options to fulfil their financial needs, financial institutions need to clearly assess if their current business and IT capabilities are supporting key strategies and goals to ultimately improve the customer experience.

Explore in this eBook our 3-steps approach to aligning business strategy and customer experience: 

  • Outline strategic goals and share a clear roadmap to all stakeholders
  • Map customer's buying journey and identify interactions that cause dissatisfaction
  • Redesign processes and data flows that support the envisioned customer experience

Following each of these steps helps financial institutions implement the right plan for digitization, improve customer-centricity and build a target-state operating model.

Financial institutions: align business strategy and customer experience