HOPEX Information Architecture

HOPEX Information Architecture provides the timely, in-depth information that enterprise information managers and business architects need to manage knowledge and data as an enterprise asset. With our solution, stakeholders can make collaborative, well-informed decisions about information usage across the various functions of your organization.

HOPEX Information Architecture gives IS managers the tools to:

  • Ensure the proper use of information and minimize deviations at an execution level
  • Adopt a layered approach for business ontologies consisting of elementary and temporal concepts
  • Relate information to concepts or other enterprise views, including business processes, information flows, and applications
  • Generate realization reports that show the connections among data models, entities, attributes, and databases

HOPEX Information Architecture is integrated into MEGA’s single platform. That means you get enhanced synergies for advancing your business and IT transformation, as well as a clear, common view of key information about your organization.

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