HOPEX Information Architecture Datasheet

Manage data as enterprise asset to tackle continuous market changes

HOPEX Information Architecture encompasses all data layers from physical and logical data modeling to conceptual data modeling. It enables information managers and data architects to create and manage business glossaries, as well as data dictionaries. It automates business data lineage between business data and technical data to analyze the impacts of change. It also allows to seamlessly transform physical data models into logical models and reciprocally.

With HOPEX Information Architecture, Information Managers and Data Architects can:

  • Quickly adjust to continuous market changes and perform impact analysis through business data lineage
  • Get a deep understanding of all the business concepts using a common business glossary
  • Ensure continuity between business information and data using a single platform
  • Design data models independently of their physical implementation
  • Determine opportunities for improvement in monetization, analysis, privacy, compliance, and security.

HOPEX Information Architecture is integrated into a single platform, HOPEX, with other practices such as business process analysis, application portfolio management and risk management, providing a comprehensive view into enterprise assets coupling data, applications and business perspectives. Also, by working in a single platform, various stakeholders share the same level of information to make collaborative, well-informed decisions about the governance of their data.

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