How Areva Maintains Quality in the Audit Department

Topics covered:

  • Areva management’s expectations of internal audits
  • The responsibilities, structure, and priorities of Areva’s audit department
  • The software the department uses and the corresponding benefits
  • The key success factors for internal audits

In 2009, we decided to establish a system with the primary goal of improving follow-up on audit recommendations. We currently manage over a thousand recommendations each year. We also set a goal to manage the planning and staffing of missions faster and more efficiently. With these needs, a repository of information, with advanced validation, workflow, and security functionalities, would be required. Following careful evaluation of several vendor options and an open bidding process, we chose the MEGA Suite as the answer to our needs.” Rodolphe Robert, Audit IS Supervisor at Areva

About Areva

Areva provides solutions for low-carbon power generation all around the world, offering cleaner, safer and more economical energy. The company has €9 billion in annual revenues and roughly 48,000 employees worldwide.

How Areva Maintains Quality in the Audit DepartmentRead the case study