Integrated Risk Management Brochure

Integrated Risk Management software: Enable a company-wide risk culture with a 360° view across risks and business operations

Our Integrated Risk Management solutions enable you to seamlessly move from a check-in-the-box compliance approach to a risk-aware culture. Our solutions facilitate risk awareness across your organization by using our HOPEX single platform that provides you with an integrated view of risks, controls, incidents, compliance and audit with business operations, so that risk is treated as a whole and not in silos. Our HOPEX platform ties together risks, business processes, IT assets, data and privacy management enabling you to get a better understanding of the risk context as well as the impacts due to an evolving regulatory environment or changing business needs.

Our Integrated Risk Management solutions help you efficiently identify risks and implement related controls in a structured library. For faster increased productivity, risk and control assessments can also be performed through automated assessment campaigns. The solutions also enable you to declare incidents and contextualize them with the materialized risk or failing control. You can also manage compliance, map regulatory requirements to processes and IT assets, so that you have a better understanding of the impacts due to regulatory changes. Finally, our internal audit module helps your audit teams perform audit activities through a full view of your organization.

Main benefits of our integrated risk management software

  • Ensure that transformation initiatives are successful by having business, IT and risk components in a single platform
  • Create and share an inventory of risks and controls to improve risk awareness across the organization
  • Automate assessment campaigns through questionnaires, alerts, and reminders
  • Speed up your risk mitigation efforts by leveraging assessment templates and workflows
  • Monitor the progress of your risk management efforts with customizable dashboards
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