MEGA HOPEX Internal Audit – Creating Value for Astaldi SPA

In recent years, Astaldi underwent several significant changes that formed the starting point for its relationship with MEGA International. When Astaldi became a public company in 2002, listed on the STAR segment of the Borsa Italiana, the Italian stock exchange, it prompted a new change management process within the company. Strong company growth, fueled by new financial resources acquired as a public company, was generated by competitive changes that began with a significant contraction in the Italian domestic market.
As this occurred, Astaldi’s business changed from 70% Italian customers and 30% international customers to the exact opposite. One factor behind Astaldi’s growth was the use of innovative project financing instruments, using concessions. With Astaldi’s core business in construction, concessions were a growing trend. In 2011, Astaldi acquired the Italian branch of Busi Impianti (NBI). Diversification was important, both from a technological and a commercial point of view, because it led to the creation, within the Group, of an area dedicated to industrial plants, generating interesting synergies and opportunities.


  • Improve the effectiveness of controls
  • Increase company productivity
  • Meet the requirements of control bodies
  • Internal audit to provide insights for improvements to management


  • Created value for the company
  • Improved communication with management and Supervisory Board
  • Managed resources more effectively
  • Streamlined work and introduced efficiencies
  • Standardized work


ASTALDI is a leading Italian contractor, among the top 100 worldwide in the construction industry, and also works with concession projects. Founded more than 90 years ago, it has operated in over 60 countries worldwide developing complex and integrated initiatives (design, construction, management). The company has solid expertise and highly specialized human resources. Publicly traded since 2002, it closed 2015 with total revenues of EUR 28 billion, a consolidated turnover of EUR 2.9 billion and about 11,000 employees.

MEGA HOPEX Internal Audit – Creating Value for Astaldi SPARead Case Study