MEGA solutions enhance IT governance for French insurer AG2R La Mondiale

As a result of the many mergers and acquisitions AG2R has made over the years, managing their IT system and transformation had become increasingly complex. Discover in this customer story how MEGA’s solutions has enabled them to get a comprehensive overview of the IT assets.

Main Topics :

  • Enhance and streamline the company’s IT governance
  • Leverage the applications mapping to improve IT system transformation projects
  • Facilitate information sharing and collaboration among business-lines stakeholders

"Enterprise Architecture plays a key role in our company, given the many mergers and acquisitions we have made over the years that have considerably increased the complexity of our IT systems. Since 2008, application mapping has been a big help in our IT system transformation projects, enabling us to sketch out various functionalities on an IT city plan and identify an effective way to split applications." - Jean-Pierre Peignier - Head of IT Repositories, AG2R La Mondiale


AG2R La Mondiale, the number 1 social and patrimonial protection group in France, offers a complete range of products and services for pensions, savings, providence and health. As a reference player in personal insurance, present throughout the country, the Group provides private individuals, companies and industrial sectors with services to protect their health, estates and incomes, insure them against life’s accidents and prepare them for retirement.
A joint mutualistic governance partnership, AG2R La Mondiale develops a unique social protection model that closely combines profitability and solidarity, performance and social engagement. Each year, the Group earmarks almost €100 million to help vulnerable people and support individual and collective sporting initiatives.  

MEGA solutions enhance IT governance for French insurer AG2R La MondialeRead the Customer Story