Rationalize Your IT Assets and Align them with Business Objectives

Whitepaper - IT Portfolio Management – Key principles & Best Practices

Set up an IT portfolio management solution that will help meet your corporate goals.

CIOs face the pressure of providing high-quality IT services, introducing new, innovative technologies to advance business objectives, and keeping costs under control.

How does one develop of a pragmatic IT budget that fits within financial a company’s constraints?

Finding ways to reduce operational costs and launch new IT initiatives can be attained through effective IT Portfolio Management (ITPM) - the ongoing review of IT portfolios. CIO’s can identify applications that are redundant, underused, or too cost prohibitive, manage obsolete technologies, and apply IT budgets to mission-critical applications that will advance their enterprise goals.

Download the white paper to learn:

  • Why ongoing IT portfolio management is necessary to reduce costs and help manage risks
  • Key principles of IT portfolio management – framework, defining roles, cost analysis
  • Effective ways to Implement an ITPM Practice

ITPM goes beyond a simple IT view – it incorporates a business perspective on assets to you help plan the transformation of the IT landscape keeping IT and business objectives top of mind.

Rationalize Your IT Assets and Align them with Business Objectives