Unicredit Group: 262 compliance as an opportunity for process optimization

Topics Covered:

UniCredit Group is conducting a worldwide compliance project based on law 262, the Italian equivalent of SOX. The project aims to meet the regulatory requirements for 262 certification thereby minimizing operational risks. This implies demonstrating the adequacy of the company’s administrative and accounting procedures. Moreover, the company must show that effective controls for these procedures are implemented.

UniCredit selected MEGA to help them meet the complex requirements of 262 compliance, which has significant impact on organizational structure. MEGA will also help define a governance model and implement a unified enterprise control system.

To make this approach successful, a structured yet flexible software was essential.” said Roberto Monachino, one of the CFOs responsible for the project at UniCredit Group

About UniCredit Group: 

UniCredit Group operates in 22 European countries with over 168,000 employees and approximately 10,000 branches. The Group has a strong European identity, an extensive international presence and a wide client base.

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