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Every day, decisions are made that influence the success of your organization. Those decisions are based on information - about the organization itself, the environment in which it operates and the interactions between the two. What’s more, the volume of available data increases all the time. Decision-makers face a daily struggle to sift out significant information from the noise.

Organizations are all unique, but the type of information they need for effective operation is universal. Visibility of how your organization fulfils those needs - using its processes, people and infrastructure - is crucial.

Sometimes the right model, the right chart, or the right analysis can lead you to see things from a different perspective, and can help you improve your company’s operations. To make that kind of analysis, you need systems that can gather all necessary data, process it and make it readable and understandable for your entire organization.

This analysis need to cover all possible aspects, and focus on the most important data for your businesses so that important changes can be carried out seamlessly: achieving strategic objectives and governing transformation initiatives, with the goal of generating additional revenue and having more satisfied clients.

That’s where an Enterprise Architecture Management System (EAMS) like HOPEX can make the difference. It can help you improve the visibility your decision-makers need in order to ensure effective organizational change.

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“Because of the increasing complexity of modern enterprises, implementation of IT systems can only be done with modern, scalable approaches. Proper IT system architecture and design is the first benefit that IT departments gain from repository-based tools and methodologies. Mastering those practices is a pre-requisite to the controlled reduction of IT complexity sought by so many CIOs today.”
Matthew Rowell, Services Director, MEGA North America