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QuickStart is MEGA’s proven approach for enterprises that want to gain immediate value from HOPEX solutions. It helps organizations accelerate their enterprise modeling capabilities and quickly implement enterprise architecture across their organization.

We transfer the knowledge of our highly skilled and experienced consultants to your team. This service addresses the critical success factors involved in the adoption of a repository-based enterprise modeling tool and lays a solid foundation for success.

Our Global Services team will work with your project team to outline a clear methodology for your deployment and establish stakeholder agreement on:

  • Key business outcomes
  • Expectations and objectives of the modeling process
  • Core modeling concepts for your needs

Here is how a typical QuickStart approach works:

  • Create a roadmap for implementing HOPEX solutions
  • Install and configure HOPEX solutions
  • Transfer knowledge and train your team
  • Deploy, test and validate

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“Enterprise Architecture Management Systems give managers coherent insight into the different points of view in their organizations, so as to enhance their transformation processes. And the more they employ robust, proven methods that are coherent among them, the more useful and quicker-coming those insights will be. That’s the main goal of MEGA’s QuickStart approach.”
Franck Martini, Services Director, MEGA France