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Backed by an approach based on industry best practices and years of experience advising customers on multiple projects around the world, our consultants will analyze your organization’s needs and map them onto HOPEX.

As a result, you will get a partial enterprise description model, built in HOPEX, that includes all the necessary information to enable your transformation initiatives. Thanks to the centralization of all this information into a single HOPEX repository, you will be able to get actionable deliverables in form of reports, diagrams and charts.

Our Global Services team will configure the HOPEX software to enhance and meet your specific requirements, to better demonstrate how the tool fits your needs and build a solid foundation for your future projects.

And our Solution Proof of Concept service will enable you to confidently initiate the first step of the deployment of HOPEX in your organization.

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“MEGA’s methodology enables our customers to efficiently and effectively manage their business transformation plans and develop a long-term sustainability program. We tailor our approach to the unique circumstances that each customer faces. In the end, we help them accomplish their transformation goals in a timely, efficient manner – while ensuring nothing is overlooked.”
Natanahel Vasquez Garcia, Services Director, MEGA LATAM