Digital Transformation Solutions

MEGA products support companies through business and IT transformation while reducing the risk of project failure.

The digital age extends the reach of organizations, improves management decisions, and speeds up the development of new products and services. At the same time however, the excessive rapid adoption of technologies has disrupted traditional business models.

Consequently, companies need to reinvent themselves through digital transformation, and leverage technology to boost innovation, to deliver a compelling customer experience and maximize profitability.

MEGA helps companies get the visibility they need from their business, IT, information and risk data, and how they connect to rationalize, upgrade or modernize their organization and IT systems. HOPEX software provides a single source for improving decision-making by eliminating silos and fostering collaboration.



Business Transformation

MEGA’s HOPEX solutions help you drive the business transformation of your organization through the alignment of your company’s strategy, objectives, business capabilities, processes, and technology stack. With our solutions, you can effectively incorporate digital into your organization’s DNA by incorporating customer experience and business innovation into your strategic roadmap. You can also integrate business strategies with operational and informational perspectives. HOPEX addresses the needs of business architects, business analysts and information architects to:

  • Plan new business capabilities supporting the business strategy.
  • Design new processes by incorporating end-to-end customer experience while mitigating risks.
  • Manage information and knowledge as an enterprise asset.
IT Transformation

MEGA’s HOPEX solutions help you manage and prioritize IT transformation projects to gain IT agility and foster business innovation. With our solutions, you can build a clear IT roadmap and plan capabilities to ensure IT efforts and resources that efficiently support your company’s business objectives. Because you also need to reduce your IT costs and the complexity of your IT landscape, HOPEX allows you to streamline your IT portfolio by assessing the business value and the technical efficiency of your IT assets. Additionally, our HOPEX solution helps you design new applications in traditional and agile environments through its model-based approach so agile team members can take a step back and reduce number of sprints. HOPEX addresses the needs of enterprise architects, application portfolio managers, solution architects and data architects to:

  • Build and communicate a clear IT roadmap within your organization.
  • Rationalize your IT portfolio to cut costs, reduce complexity and embrace new business initiatives.
  • Design new applications while easily integrating into agile projects.
Risk Management

MEGA’s HOPEX solutions help you develop an integrated approach to risk management and business optimization. This allows you to implement proper operational governance policies to balance internal controls with business objectives. HOPEX describes and analyzes key risks associated with your business and IT processes, to reduce operational risk exposure, and implement efficient controls. By creating a collaborative workspace and shared repository of information on risks and processes, you have the means to continuously review efficiency of your processes and risk exposure, and how they contribute to your business goals. HOPEX addresses the needs of Risk Managers, Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers to:

  • Mitigate business and IT risks.
  • Integrate risks into transformation scenarios.
  • Get risks under control and ensure regulatory compliance.