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HOPEX ArchiMate offers a full implementation of The Open Group's ArchiMate 3.0 enterprise architecture framework standard. In this course you will learn about the ArchiMate standard Enterprise Architecture layers including Motivation, Strategy, Business, Application, Technology, Physical, and Implementation & Migration.

Who Should Attend

  • Application & Technology Architects
  • IT Strategists
  • Business Analysts

Expected Benefits

  • Understand the basics of the ArchiMate modeling language.
  • Use HOPEX ArchiMate to construct Enterprise Architecture models.
  • Learn how these models to help decision-makers understand the impact of changes on their enterprise.
  • Appreciate the added value of a repository backed tool.

Course Content

Basics of ArchiMate and HOPEX

  • Introduction to the ArchiMate language
  • Modeling concepts
  • Layers and stakeholder views
  • Introduction to HOPEX

The ArchiMate Language

  • The ArchiMate Language
  • The ArchiMate MetaModel
  • Relationships in ArchiMate

Motivation and Strategy

  • Modeling the intentions of the architecture
  • Modeling enterprise strategy

The Business Layer

  • Modeling business services offered to customers
  • How Business Services are delivered

The Application Layer

  • Modeling Application Services and how they are realized
  • The Application Layer and the TOGAF ADM

The Technology and Physical Layers

  • Modeling technology infrastructure
  • Modeling the physical world

Implementation and Migration

  • Modeling enterprise change
  • The Implementation and Migration Layer and the TOGAF ADM

Cross-Layer and Derived Relationships

  • Connecting elements in different layers
  • Understanding Derived Relationships

The HOPEX Repository

  • Working with Viewpoints and Views
  • Basic Viewpoints provided in HOPEX
  • Accessing Model Content in HOPEX
  • Tracing element relationships
  • Query feature

How is the seminar organized

The course alternates theoretical explanations of methods to be implemented, presentations of associated tool functions, and practical exercises that allow participants to apply the theory learned on a realistic case. The trainer for this course is an experienced consultant who has successfully led modeling projects and will be able to answer your questions on the proper use of HOPEX and recommended IT architecture methodologies.

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