2 days

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HOPEX Business Architecture helps to construct a capability-based Business Architecture that enables organizations to plan and execute transformation initiatives.

Who should attend?

  • Business Architects
  • Business Strategists
  • Business Architecture Project Managers
  • Functional Administrators

Expected benefits

  • Describe current capabilities and their inter-dependencies using Business Capability Maps and Capability Structure Diagrams
  • Define a transformation strategy by identifying business drivers and specifying transformation objectives to address them.
  • Assess current capabilities and construct future-state Capability Maps.
  • Create a transformation roadmap and Capability Maps for each stage of the enterprise transformation.
  • Create a Business Operating Model by constructing a functional architecture and use it to show how business functions and processes implement business capabilities.

Course content

Introduction to Business Architecture

  • From Strategy to Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Capability: The Cornerstone of Business Architecture
  • Business Models: Enterprise Plans and Operating Models
  • Business Architecture Approaches

Analyzing Using the Direct Approach to Analyze Business Capabilities

  • Presentation of Main Concepts
  • Types of Capabilities and Levels of Decomposition
  • Reference Models for Capability Mapping
  • Identifying Outcomes and Dependencies
  • Defining KPI dimension
  • Using Dedicated Reports

Strategy and Motivation: Capturing Motivations for Change

  • Business Motivation Model
  • Identifying Drivers and their Associated Stakeholders
  • Assessing Drivers through SWOT Analysis
  • Defining Transformation Objectives
  • Mapping Drivers to Capabilities

The Transformation Roadmap

  • Road Mapping Principles
  • Enterprise Plan & Business Transformation Stages
  • Strategies and Transformation Plan
  • The capabilities Realization Plan
  • Articulation with Other HOPEX Solutions

The  Systemic Approach

  • Enterprise Capability Models
  • Operating Model & Business Functions
  • The Business Architecture Environment Model
  • Assigning Business Capabilities to Business Functions
  • Defining Exchange Contracts delivering expected effects
  • Identifying Functional Processes
  • Main Use Cases of the Systemic Approach

HOPEX BA Functional Administration

  • Configuring the HOPEX BA repository
  • Understanding the Role of Building Blocks and Containers
  • Creating an Enterprise plan

Mastering the HOPEX Repository

  • Producing project related documentation
  • Using the query tools
  • Working as a team

How is the seminar organized?

This training course alternates theoretical presentations on Enterprise Architecture with the production of a real case scenario to enable a better understanding of the method and tool.

Private sessions
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