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HOPEX Business Process Analysis provides value-added decision support through process mapping and analysis capabilities for many types of users and various goals. For example, Process Owners and  Business Analysts use HOPEX BPA to create models which enable them to improve and optimize their processes. The risks associated with theses processes can then be identified and controls can be designed to mitigate the risks.

Who should attend?

  • Business Process Modelers and Business Analysts
  • Project Managers and Business Process Managers
  • Managers of departements involved in business process approaches (e.g. Quality Management, IT Department, etc).

Expected benefits

  • Learn how to use HOPEX Business Process Analysis for your business process modeling projects.
  • Use the BPMN notation to model processes.
  • Describe and assess Customer Journeys.
  • Assess, analyze and improve Business Process.

Course Content

Basic Modeling Features

  • Modeling Approach
  • Example of a model: the Organizational Chart
  • Discovering HOPEX, a modeling tool

Introduction to Process Modeling

  • Benefits of Process Modeling
  • Identifying and Inventorying Processes
  • Introduction to BPMN

Modeling Organizational Processes

  • Creating Process Models with BPMN
  • Identifying Business Needs

Modeling Value Streams

  • Identifying Value Creation
  • Designing New Processes
  • Contextualization

Analyzing Customer Satisfaction and Business Processes

  • Describing a Customer Journey
  • Assessing Processes and creating Action Plans

Mastering the HOPEX Enterprise Repository

  • Producing project related documentation
  • Using the query tools
  • Working as a team

How is the seminar organized?

Over 3 days, this training course alternates theoretical presentations on business process modeling with the production of a real case scenario to enable a better understanding of the method and tool.

Private sessions
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