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HOPEX Information Architecture enables the modeling of information system data, and generation of the corresponding relational diagram and SQL script for database creation. The tool enables parallel management of conceptual objects (entities, associations, attributes) and logical objects (tables, columns, keys) to take account of developments and optimizations. HOPEX also enables reverse documentation of an existing database from an extraction file or an ODBC driver, with reverse generation of the logical model and reverse design of the conceptual model.

Who should attend?

  • Data & Database Administrators
  • IS Architects
  • Application Managers
  • Analysts Designers Developers

Expected Benefits

  • Master database modeling concepts.
  • Learn how to create logical and physical data models with HOPEX Information Architecture.
  • Optimize the structure of a relational database and generate the corresponding SQL script.
  • Reverse engineer an existing relational database from its SQL script to obtain a conceptual schema.

Course Content


  • IA within Enterprise Architecture
  • Terminology specific to each EA layer
  • Database design process

Data modeling

  • Basic concepts
  • Modeling rules and approach


  • Database creation
  • Conceptual and logical object mapping
  • Transformation rules
  • Relational diagram
  • Synchronization configuration

 Optimizations and developments

  • Denormalization and mapping management
  • Complements: views, tablespaces, triggers, etc.


  • Configuring Generation
  • Elements necessary for defining Database structure

 Reverse generation

  • Reverse Design Cycle
  • Configuring Reverse Generation
  • Extraction Utility
  • Logical Model Creation

 Synchronization (logical to conceptual)

  • Synchronization Rules
  • Synchronization Wizard
  • Reduced Synchronization

Mapping Data Model Objects

  • Problem statement
  • Mapping editor

 Making best use of the HOPEX repository

  • Producing project related documentation
  • The Query tool
  • Working as a team

Lab exercises

Over 2 days, training alternates theoretical presentations of data modeling and practical exercises covering all phases of the design of a data system and reverse documentation of an existing repository.

  • Producing a data diagram from a real case  
  • Synchronization: management of logical objects obtained
  • Exercises in modification and optimizations of models
  • SQL script generation
  • Reverse generation of an existing repository
  • Exercises in repository use

How is the seminar organized?

The course alternates theoretical explanations of methods to be implemented, presentations of associated tool functions, and practical exercises that allow participants to apply the theory learned on a realistic case.
The trainer for this course is an experienced consultant who has successfully led modeling projects and will be able to answer your questions on the proper use of HOPEX.

Private sessions
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