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This course provides the methodological basics and best practices necessary for IT project participants to successfully use HOPEX IT Architecture Solution. IT Strategists learn how to align IT resources with business roadmaps. Application Architects learn how to describe the current and future IT landscape by creating application and service models. Technology architects learn how to describe the way technical components are deployed.

Who should attend?

  • IT Strategists
  • Application Architects
  • Technology architects

Expected Benefits

  • Understand how to build IT models that link to organizational strategy
  • Create models that align with a roadmap from the current application architecture to your target architecture
  • Learn how to describe the functional architecture of applications and application systems
  • Learn how to represent the deployment architecture for the physical installation of applications
  • Appreciate the added value of a repository-backed tool

Course Content

Introduction and concepts

  • Concepts and definitions: models, diagrams and viewpoints; Application Systems and Applications; Capabilities and Functionalities

 Enterprise Strategy Model

  • Learn how to link Application Functionalities into an Enterprise Strategy Model*
  • Specify when new Functionalities will be delivered by linking them to stages on the Enterprise Roadmap
  • Use a Capability Map to show which Capabilities will be enhanced by the new Functionalities

 Application System Architecture

  • Construct scenario diagrams to show the information flows that enable an Application System to interact with other systems and users
  • Construct structure diagrams that show the interactions performed using the information flows
  • Generate reports that demonstrate consistency between the scenarios and the structural views
  • Create detailed descriptions of interactions using Exchange Contract diagrams

Application Architecture

  • Use Application System Structure Diagrams to show interactions between the Applications in an Application System
  • Construct Application Structure Diagrams showing how application components interact
  • Link Functionalities to application components to show how Applications support the required Capabilities

 Application Technical Architecture

  • Construct Application Technical Architecture diagrams showing how Applications can be partitioned into modules to reflect particular deployment patterns e.g. n-tier architectures
  • Show the ports, protocols and file formats used for communication between modules

IT Infrastructure

  • Construct IT infrastructure diagrams showing how servers and other devices are linked using networks and point-to-point connections
  • Show how Application modules can be deployed across computing devices

Leveraging the HOPEX Repository

  • Learn how to use the query features to provide traceability and demonstrate how your IT investments support your enterprise’s strategy

How is the seminar organized?

The course alternates theoretical explanations of methods to be implemented, presentations of associated tool functions, and practical exercises that allow participants to apply the theory learned on a realistic case. The trainer for this course is an experienced consultant who has successfully led modeling projects and will be able to answer your questions on the proper use of HOPEX and recommended IT architecture methodologies.

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