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With the publishing tools provided with HOPEX Power Studio, documentation of HOPEX repository objects can be fully adapted to your company’s internal and external communication strategies. In this course you learn how to use these powerful features to create customized Word document and static website templates.

  • Document publication: integrate your own company templates and fine-tune document deliverables through complete control of which repository objects to include, which characteristics of those objects to portray, and specification of document presentation, structure, styles, and formats.
  • Web publication: create and generate customized portals for your company. The generated portal is more than just a collection of HTML pages: hyperlinks are automatically derived from links between repository objects or external objects. These hot links between elements provide an easy way to navigate and facilitate impact analysis in the website.

Who should attend?

  • HOPEX Administrators
  • HOPEX Documentation Managers
  • HOPEX Web Site Webmaster


  • HOPEX Publisher Level 1
  • Knowledge of HTML

Expected Benefits

  • Learn to create a new document template to meet given specifications.
  • Learn to create a Web site template, integrating HTML descriptors.
  • Use specialized MEGA tags for diagram and menu management.

Course Content

Advanced Queries

  • Using sets in queries
  • Displaying objects in predetermined order
  • Sub-descriptors and recursion
  • Writing complex queries to display repository information in deliverables

Advanced Functions for Document Template

  • Creating customized Descriptors
  • Imbedding queries in Descriptors to filter objects and attributes
  • Creating a document template to meet specifications

Web Site Customization

  • Creating an HTML descriptor
  • Integrating an HTML descriptor into a Web Site
  • Using basic MEGA tags to create an HTML page
  • Using conditions in HTML tags.
  • Using specialized MEGA tags for diagram and menu management

How is the seminar organized?

HOPEX Power Studio - Publisher - level 2 is based on a sensible balance between theory and trainer-supervised practical exercises to enable a better understanding of the tool and its features. This course is delivered by experienced MEGA Solution Engineers.

Private sessions
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