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The publishing tools provided with HOPEX Power Studio facilitate the distribution of HOPEX repository information throughout your company. This course presents the foundation required for defining Report DataSets and creating report templates in the HOPEX web Front-End for users with HOPEX Customizer profile.

Who should attend?

  • HOPEX Administrators
  • MEGA Documentation Managers
  • HOPEX Web Site Webmasters


  • Working knowledge of using HOPEX on modeling projects

Expected Benefits

  • Understand the different report technologies available and when to use them.
  • Create Report Templates based on Report DataSets (without coding).
  • Understand the structure and the behavior of reports.
  • Publish Report Templates to selected Profiles.

Course Content

Reporting Overview

  • Reporting Options in HOPEX
  • Report DataSet Definitions and Report DataSets
  • Report Templates, Chapters and Parameters

Report DataSets

  • Report DataSet Definitions
  • DataSet Parameters and Collections
  • Reports DataSet instanciation and lifecycle

Report Templates From DataSets

  • Instant Reports from DataSets
  • "Save As" options and their impact
  • Viewing and  Editing Templates

Advanced Features

  • DataSets MetaModel
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Multiple DataSets
  • Filtering Data
  • Publishing to a Profile

Creating a Report For Business Needs

  • Choosing between reporting technologies
  • Creating the right dataset for your need

How is the seminar organized?

HOPEX Power Studio – Report Studio is based on a sensible balance between theory and trainer-supervised practical exercises to enable a better understanding of the tool and its features. This course is delivered by experienced MEGA Solution Engineers.

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