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HOPEX System Oriented IT Architecture enables enterprises and other organizations to represent and document their IT architectures according to a service oriented architecture approach. In particular, this module teaches Application Architects best practices for modeling Physical Application Architectures.

Who should attend?

  • Application Architects
  • IT Project Managers

Expected Benefits

  • Learn how to design the architecture of applications, their interfaces, databases and their behaviors.
  • Design interfaces from a SOA perspective.
  • Define Use Case scenarios with System Processes.
  • Align applications to a reference IT architecture.
  • Determine technology platform dependencies.
  • Understand the value of a repository based tool to achieve these objectives.

Course Content

Introduction to Architecture

  • Convergence of different factors: need to manage increasing complexity, Standard EA Frameworks and new modeling techniques.
  • Definitions of System Architecture
  • Organizing Architectures in HOPEX Libraries

Introduction to Software Architecture

  • From program instructions to modular software architectures
  • Enabling rich application systems
  • SOA & Applications

Physical Application Architecture

  • Physical Application Layer in EA Architecture
  • Services interfaces in MEGA SOIA: Exchange Contracts
  • Applications & IT Services
  • Application Systems, Applications, Application Environments
  • Application Systems & System processes

Logical architecture

  • Logical Application Layer in EA Architecture
  • Mapping Physical Applications to logical applications

Mastering the HOPEX Enterprise Repository

  • Organizing the repository using HOPEX libraries
  • Producing project related documentation
  • Using the query tools
  • Working as a team

Seminar Organization

The course alternates theoretical explanations of methods to be implemented, presentations of associated tool functions, and practical exercises that allow participants to apply the theory learned on a realistic case.

Private sessions
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