With new technologies constantly entering the market, customers have multiple ways to interact with companies and purchase products and services online. The power has shifted from companies to customers, impacting the entire customer journey. Customers not only want a flawless experience, but they also want to share their experience with their friends and colleagues. These new expectations directly impact the profitability and revenue of all companies.

Since their creation, digital natives have integrated these expectations into the DNA of their organization by leveraging new technology and incorporating it into their business processes. On the other hand, incumbent companies are no longer protected by traditional barriers to entry, and need to reinvent themselves. The digitalization of their business has become essential for staying ahead of the competition, more so, a matter of survival.


Leverage technology to transform your business and improve customer experience

MEGA’s HOPEX solutions for business digitalization provide enterprise architects and business architects the tools they need to transform and grow their company.

HOPEX solutions capture the strategy of an organization to plan which digital capabilities are required to support business objectives. Because companies need to have a clear understanding of their customers’ expectations, our products help map customer journeys, identify pain points and opportunities, and rate satisfaction on customer touchpoints. They link processes to customer journeys, so architects can redesign where satisfaction is low, improving customer experience.

In addition, HOPEX allows architects to understand how the different parts of the business interact with each other through conceptual data models - improving decision-making.


Capture company strategy

Describe the company’s future direction and build a strategic enterprise roadmap:

  • Capture and assess market and regulatory drivers through SWOT analysis to define company vision and objectives
  • Breakdown objectives into several milestones to define business transformation stages, required business capabilities, and KPIs for each stage
  • Plan business capabilities within the enterprise roadmap so that it supports company objectives for each transformation stage

Create new customer experience

Leverage technology to simplify the buying journey:

  • Redesign business processes by incorporating end-to-end customer experience
  • Map your customer’s buying journey for each persona, and identify the interactions that cause dissatisfaction
  • Implement an ongoing evaluation of your processes and their effectiveness to improve customer satisfaction on every touchpoint

Manage data and information

Build a customer-centric organization by designing processes and data flows that support the desired customer experience:

  • Redesign data models and relate information to business processes
  • Use a conceptual view of data to build consistent representations of the organization independently of the way information is physically managed