BOSTON, September 17, 2019MEGA International today announced the launch of its HOPEX Integrated Risk Management solution offering a comprehensive platform enabling organizations to implement an efficient and effective risk-aware culture through an integrated approach by gathering IT assets, business processes, and risk data into a single repository for a complete view of existing risks.

MEGA’s Integrated Risk Management solution provides an integrated view of risks, controls, incidents, compliance, and audit with business operations, so that risk is treated as a whole and not in silos.

“In today’s digital era, a siloed approach to managing risks, without a comprehensive view of risks, business, and IT assets, is no longer effective,” remarked Lucio de Risi, CEO of MEGA. “With continuous business and regulatory changes, companies are challenged with needing to quickly and comprehensively assess the impact on risks and operations due to these changes.”

Thanks to HOPEX’s single platform that encompasses risks, processes, and IT assets, risk and compliance management is centralized, enabling companies to move from a check-the-box compliance approach to a risk-aware culture.

HOPEX Integrated Risk Management enables the alignment of risk types with business processes, IT systems, and centralized control systems. As a result, organizations can manage their risk more efficiently, economically, and holistically by managing all dimensions of governance, risk, and compliance from strategy and business modeling to IT systems analysis and data modeling.

“Our risk management solution has the ability to provide organizations with more detailed and reliable information about a company’s risk exposure,” noted Ludovic Relandeau, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Products for MEGA. “These improved estimations of potential risks will help business leaders and executives make better informed business decisions about corporate priorities to help reduce the company’s exposure to risk and possible liabilities.”

MEGA’s HOPEX Integrated Risk Management solution includes:

  • An integrated view of risks, controls, incidents, compliance, and audit so that risk is treated as a whole, rather than in silos.
  • Ability to efficiently identify risks in a structured risk library and assess them based on their impact and likelihood. For faster increased productivity, risk assessments are performed through automated assessment campaigns.
  • An aggregated view of risks, controls, incidents, compliance, and audit with business operations, including IT assets and business processes. This provides a clear picture of how these items are tied to business and IT portfolios and the impact on each due to regulatory changes or new business needs.
  • Embedded features to increase the efficiency of risk management efforts including: assessment templates to quickly assess risks and controls; integrated information on risks, controls, incidents, and regulatory requirements; a personalized to-do list to manage daily activities in an efficient manner; multiple widgets to build custom dashboards and monitor key indicators; and action plans, collaborative workflows, and social features to enhance risk mitigation efforts.

Through a single shared collaborative platform, HOPEX Integrated Risk Management creates a synergistic environment to support all stakeholders involved in managing risk. With a completely redesigned user experience, the solution offers a smooth and seamless design that’s simple to navigate.