BOSTON, September 24, 2019 – MEGA International today announced the launch of its HOPEX Privacy Management solution offering a comprehensive platform to manage compliance to worldwide data protection regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and others to come.

Thanks to its unique central repository, HOPEX Privacy Management can be paired to MEGA's Enterprise Architecture and Integrated Risk Management product suites, enabling organizations to launch a comprehensive and integrated risk management strategy that illustrates which IT applications and business processes are involved in personal data processing operations, and supports collaboration across business units.

With the benefit of MEGA’s multi-user platform, the data protection compliance initiative is centralized, while accountability is distributed to the appropriate stakeholders, thus establishing a powerful communication tool for corporate governance and privacy compliance.

“Thanks to our HOPEX platform, we’re able to provide a holistic approach for data privacy compliance, with risks identification, controls implementation and audits execution,” remarked Lucio de Risi, CEO of MEGA. “MEGA’s robust privacy management tool provides a comprehensive environment to manage the processing activities subject to the provisions of international data privacy regulations. Our platform enables companies to quickly assess their privacy compliance status, generate required documentation, and centrally manage compliance changes for the entire business.”

MEGA’s HOPEX Privacy Management solution allows organizations to map data flows across IT systems, document business processes, address data protection regulatory requirements, implement controls, and launch audits – all in one single platform.

“Our privacy management solution provides a collaborative workspace for cross-functional stakeholders to manage privacy compliance initiatives,” noted Ludovic Relandeau, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Products for MEGA. “This software helps organizations understand how they comply with privacy regulations and legislation, and what changes need to occur for privacy compliance. The tool integrates up-to-date regulatory details and legal templates to accelerate remediation plans if necessary.”

MEGA’s HOPEX Privacy Management solution includes:

  • Management of regulatory documents and the ability to track and assess incidents, respond to data subjects’ requests, and monitor and manage data protection compliance initiatives
  • Identification of compliance gaps, existing risks, plan remediation actions, and ensure collaboration among stakeholders
  • Ability to automatically produce accountability reports and track project progress
  • Powerful integration with HOPEX IT Portfolio Management and HOPEX Business Process Analysis, allowing organizations currently using these tools to reuse existing information when launching their data protection compliance initiatives and address privacy requirements at the earliest stage, successfully implementing the privacy by design principle
  • One single platform for enterprise architecture, data protection compliance, governance and audits

Through a single shared collaborative platform, HOPEX Privacy Management creates a synergistic environment to support all stakeholders involved in managing privacy. With a completely redesigned user experience, the solution offers a smooth and seamless design for easily producing regulatory documents proving accountability documentation to worldwide data protection legislation.