BOSTON, September 3, 2019MEGA International today announced the launch of its HOPEX V3, its Business Transformation platform, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions including enterprise architecture, application portfolio management, business process analysis, integrated risk management, data privacy management, and data governance. This new release also introduces hundreds of platform and UI improvements to improve the user experience.

With the benefit of MEGA’s multi-user platform, risk and compliance management is centralized, while accountability is distributed to the appropriate stakeholders, thus establishing a powerful communication tool for corporate governance. MEGA’s holistic approach strives to help companies successfully optimize or transform their digital business initiatives and accelerate transformation projects while being mindful of risks and threats.

“To pursue digital business initiatives, organizations can either optimize their existing business models or transform them and create new ones. Digital transformation success requires companies to define a clear digital business strategy, focus IT resources to support this strategy, understand which data is used and by whom, and manage potential vulnerabilities, threats, and risks,” remarked Lucio de Risi, CEO of MEGA. “With the release of HOPEX V3, all these activities can be managed from one single centralized repository offering business leaders and executives the ability to make better informed and faster business decisions.”

HOPEX V3 is enriched with a new integrated risk management solution and vastly improved privacy management and information architecture solutions. These powerful tools enable compliance with new data privacy regulations, help govern how business data is used and processed, and allow for the adoption of an Integrated Risk Management approach.

“HOPEX is a collaborative platform offering a holistic approach allowing companies to develop synergies between departments and breakdown silos between the various stakeholders,” noted Ludovic Relandeau, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Products for MEGA. “In addition, our updated solution greatly improves user experience and introduces hundreds of UI/UX improvements to facilitate the use of the solution by non-specialists and to accelerate execution of tasks by expert users.”

Key benefits of MEGA’s HOPEX Enterprise Architecture solution include:

  • HOPEX Integrated Risk Management – a new solution ensuring companies can manage risks, controls, incidents, compliance, and audit through an integrated approach with business operations while seamlessly shifting from a compliance to a risk-aware culture.
  • HOPEX Privacy Management – a vastly improved and updated solution to ensure companies have a simple and complete tool to manage their compliance with Europe’s GDPR, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other privacy regulations being adopted around the world.
  • HOPEX Information Architecture – enriched with many new reports to facilitate the analysis of data usage and introduces business data lineage to perform impact analysis from business glossary to data dictionary and tackle continuous market changes.
  • User Experience Improvements – includes many UI/UX enhancements to facilitate use by non-specialists and accelerate the work of experts. 

Through a single shared collaborative platform, HOPEX V3 creates a synergistic environment to support all stakeholders involved in digital business transformation, risk management, data privacy management, and data governance. With a completely redesigned user experience, the solution offers a smooth and seamless design that’s simple to navigate, yet powerful and robust.