PARIS/BOSTON, September 3, 2020 – MEGA International, a global software firm recognized as a leader in enterprise architecture for 11 consecutive years, today announced the launch of HOPEX V4, its Business Transformation platform. Improvements support and accelerate business and IT transformation through automation, intelligent reporting and dashboards, and an improved user experience offering a simpler way to consume information through a dedicated enterprise portal and mobile applications.

New features of HOPEX V4 include:

  • HOPEX 360 – a new out-of-the-box enterprise portal that presents data in an organized way providing stakeholders with relevant information to monitor and manage transformation projects.
  • IT Business Management – a new strategic planning solution to ensure IT projects are aligned with strategic business objectives and can keep pace with rapidly changing market conditions.
  • Information Architecture – a vastly expanded solution to help information and enterprise architects manage data with confidence by better understanding data usage, assessing data quality, and ensuring data compliance.
  • Risk Management – an enriched solution with a new desktop and mobile audit application and Unified Compliance Framework (UCF) integration to better manage compliance, risks, and controls.

Business transformation success requires companies to define a clear digital business strategy, ensure IT resources support this strategy, and understand which data is used and by whom,” remarked Lucio de Risi, Founder and CEO of MEGA. “In HOPEX V4, all these activities are managed from one single centralized repository offering business and IT leaders the ability to address the needs of their enterprises during their digital transformation journey, and to demonstrate immediate business value from IT projects.”

HOPEX V4 offers greater insights to support business and IT transformation projects with the creation of HOPEX 360, a new enterprise portal that provides stakeholders insights to monitor transformation projects and demonstrate value using dashboards specifically designed for CIOs, IT and business leaders. 

With HOPEX V4 open APIs and out-of-box integrations that automate data-entry, it’s now easier than ever to quickly deliver business value from the HOPEX platform’s powerful workflows, reports, and dashboards.

MEGA’s HOPEX platform is the leading business transformation solution because it connects business, IT, data, and risks perspectives in a single platform that easily integrates into an organization’s digital ecosystem. This allows IT and the Business to work in alignment on projects from strategy to execution in a seamless, collaborative manner,” noted Ludovic Relandeau, Chief Product Officer for MEGA. “HOPEX V4 also greatly improves the user’s experience and introduces hundreds of UI/UX improvements that facilitate non-specialists’ use of the solutions.” 

Key benefits of MEGA’s HOPEX V4 solution include the ability to:

  • Foster collaboration by connecting business, IT, data, and risk perspectives in a single shared source of truth platform
  • Connect strategy to execution by aligning business and IT stakeholders toward the same business goals
  • Gain important insights to monitor transformation projects and demonstrate value using dashboards specifically designed for CIOs, IT, and business leaders
  • Accelerate time-to-value and generate demonstrable ROI though an outcome-driven approach designed to demonstrate the immediate business value of IT projects

Through a single shared collaborative platform, HOPEX V4 creates a synergistic environment to support all stakeholders involved in digital business transformation by connecting business, IT, data, and risk perspectives. HOPEX V4 provides actionable insights for all stakeholders and demonstrates the immediate business value of IT projects for accelerated decision-making and faster time-to-value.

About MEGA 
Founded in 1991, MEGA is a global software company and recognized market leader. The company partners with customers to improve governance and accelerate transformation by leveraging technology. MEGA helps companies better analyze how they can operate and make the right decisions to accelerate the creation of value. The HOPEX Platform connects business, IT, data and risks perspectives in a single place that integrates across an entire company’s ecosystem. The MEGA Services team partners with customers to deliver projects with a pragmatic approach.

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