PARIS/BOSTON, September 17, 2020 – MEGA International, a global software firm recognized as a leader in enterprise architecture for 11 consecutive years, today announced the launch of its updated Information Architecture solution. HOPEX Information Architecture leverages enterprise data to tackle digital transformation initiatives and creates a data glossary that can be used as a single source of truth by all business and IT stakeholders across the organization. The solution manages data compliance efforts and ensures data policies such as BCBS239 and Solvency II are enforced.

In today’s increasingly digital business world, companies must understand which data is used, by whom, and for what purpose. Modern data-driven organizations need a clear picture into their data and how they can leverage this data to streamline digital transformation projects,” remarks Lucio de Risi, Founder and CEO of MEGA. “Without properly documenting data, companies cannot properly plan and execute transformation projects, or provide evidence for data compliance to regulatory bodies and may have an increased exposure to risk. Using a single platform, various stakeholders share the same level of information to make collaborative and well-informed decisions about the governance of data.”

HOPEX Information Architecture enables information managers and data architects to create and manage a data glossary as a central documentation. The solution gives organizations the power to understand how data is captured, consumed, and transformed with data lineage. Users can also link data to business processes and applications to understand data usage and analyze the impact of change. The solution enables to demonstrate data compliance by managing and enforcing data regulations.

Key benefits of MEGA’s HOPEX Information Architecture solution include:

Get visibility into data

  • Create and manage a full data dictionary and a business glossary as a single source of truth
  • Model the three layers of data: physical, logical, and conceptual

Ensure data integrity and lineage

  • Map data lineage and understand how data is captured, consumed, and transformed
  • Link data to business processes and applications to understand data usage
  • Assess data quality through the six dimensions of data quality
  • Fully understand the impact of changes to take the proper actions

Demonstrate compliance to regulators

  • Ensure data assets meet data regulations and streamline compliance
  • Leverage the collaboration features to support various data governance roles such as data architect, data steward, and chief data officer
  • Determine opportunities for improvement in compliance, privacy, and security 

Share insights across the organization

  • Build a personalized custom dashboard to monitor KPIs ranging from level of compliance to completion status 
  • Easily share information throughout the organization on a dedicated mobile app
  • View how data is used by applications and how it is processed

Unlike other solutions, HOPEX Information Architecture is integrated on a single platform, linking data to business processes and applications. The solution allows data architects to view how data is used by applications and how it is processed to improve compliance with regulatory obligations,” comments Ludovic Relandeau, Chief Product Officer for MEGA. 

Through a single shared collaborative platform, HOPEX Information Architecture creates an environment that supports all stakeholders involved in data management and modeling. 
HOPEX Information Architecture is a powerful tool enabling organizations to quickly adjust to continuous market changes, perform impact analysis through business data lineage, and determine opportunities for improvement in compliance, privacy, and security.

About MEGA International 
Founded in 1991, MEGA is a global software company and recognized market leader. The company partners with customers to improve governance and accelerate transformation by leveraging technology. MEGA helps companies better analyze how they can operate and make the right decisions to accelerate the creation of value. The HOPEX Platform connects Business, IT, data and risks perspectives in a single place that integrates across an entire company’s ecosystem. The MEGA Services team partners with customers to deliver projects with a pragmatic approach.

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