Paris/Boston, January 16, 2020MEGA International (“MEGA”) introduces a new brand identity that brings to life the success the company has had partnering with customers for over 25 years to help them transform their business. This new visual identity illustrates MEGA’s objective to start the new decade on a note of innovation and creativity.

In a fast-moving environment driven by digital business, organizations face unprecedented change. Market leaders require powerful and adaptable solutions to help them accelerate their business transformation and move ahead of competition. Based on these convictions MEGA has redesigned its logo and tagline. 

The logo has been redesigned using green while keeping the loop representing a 360-degree collaboration. The tagline “See the bigger picture” reinforces the value of being able to see across a business to understand where and how to make changes to create a competitive advantage. It showcases the value of building a digital representation in a single repository by connecting business, IT, data and risk perspective to get a better understanding on how business work, resulting in a business transformation plan that is more likely to generate success.

MEGA was founded in 1991, and for over 28 years we have been building solutions to help customers leverage IT to adapt, create, and innovate. Five years ago, MEGA began embarking on a new vision to drive innovation and creativity into our company resulting in major product releases and updates. This rebranding brings this innovation and creativity to life,” says Lucio de Risi, Founder and CEO of MEGA.

MEGA’s values are rooted in people, performance, agility, and innovation. These values are showcased in the new branding as evidenced by:

  • People: MEGA is a global company with employees all over the world sharing different cultures and expertise. MEGA harnesses the richness of this perspective to foster strong and deep relationships. Beyond everyday interactions, MEGA’s customers have the ability to exchange and share best practices in the online MEGA Community and through MEGA’s Customer Advisory Board. The new MEGA visual identity uses pictures of people to illustrate the importance of collaboration. Further, MEGA shares employee and company life spotlights to showcase MEGA’s personality and community impact on its new website and social networks. 
  • Performance: MEGA helps companies better visualize and understand their digital assets, enabling them to drive customer value. The new MEGA website showcases customer stories that demonstrate how MEGA and the HOPEX platform have been used to help drive IT rationalization and strategy, process improvements, time and cost savings, risk identification, improved governance, and more.  “With a warm look & feel and intuitive navigation, the website and community aims to provide simple and quick access to the information and resources that our customers and prospects are looking for to support them in their digital business transformation," explains Robert Raiola, MEGA’s Senior VP Marketing. 
  • Agility: The new modern brand reflects the cutting-edge investments and developments MEGA has made in its products over the past five years.  Building upon the functionality of enterprise architecture, MEGA enriched its solutions by adding new risk management, data governance and data privacy solutions that enable companies to connect these perspectives using MEGA’s HOPEX platform as a single source of truth.  To make it easy for customers, the website has been redesigned into four products: Enterprise Architecture, Business Process, Risk Management, and Data Governance; and showcases many use cases addressing IT Transformation, Business Transformation, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Data Privacy and Governance.
  • Innovation: MEGA is focused on generating original ideas and developing new technological solutions to help customers make smarter decisions faster. MEGA’s research and development team led by Ludovic Relandeau, Chief Product Officer, focuses on developing innovative technological solutions, including using artificial intelligence such as the sketch capture and data sets to enhance the power of HOPEX. MEGA’s new brand uses modern design codes and UX to illustrate MEGA’s innovation strategy.   

To achieve this new brand project, MEGA worked with JIN, an international communication agency based in Paris. The agency helped MEGA build its new corporate identity program and supported design and development teams creating marketing collateral and the website.