Enterprise Architecture Conference

Enterprise Architecture Conference

Enterprise architecture event

Intelligent Technology. Connected Vision.
New Value.

Intelligent technologies, notably AI, are reshaping the landscape of IT and offering unprecedented opportunities for businesses. In light of these advancements, how does enterprise architecture evolve? What pivotal role do Enterprise Architects play in this transformative journey?

Explore the intersection of intelligent technology and enterprise architecture, and delve into the profound impact on organizational practices. Discover the evolving responsibilities of Enterprise Architects during these technological changes. Uncover the value of a connected EA approach, uniting IT systems business processes, data, and risk perspectives. Learn how this integration fosters collaborative teamwork, contributes to developing a consolidated organizational vision, and drives efficient transformation projects. Discover how to leverage AI to empower Enterprise Architects in delivering fast and concrete value to the business.

Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the convergence of AI and Connected EA, opening a new era for sustainable business transformation while fortifying organizations against cyber threats.

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Enterprise architecture conference benefits

Getting the Most out of Your Conference Experience

The MEGA Exchange Conference is a globally recognized event in Enterprise Architecture, bringing together Enterprise Architects, IT Leaders, and Business Leaders from across the globe. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with peers and showcase the value of enterprise architecture, from cost reduction to improved communication with business, seamless integration of technological changes, and reinforcing IT system security. Participate in the conference and demonstrate why enterprise architecture is indispensable for guiding companies through today's disruptive market landscape!


Get insights and inspiration

Listen to industry experts share new perspectives on enterprise architecture and find inspiration on how to evolve your enterprise architecture practice.


Make valuable connections

Expand your professional network by connecting with a diverse global community of Enterprise Architects, IT leaders, and Business leaders who face similar challenges. 


Acquire practical knowledge

Learn from those who have paved the way for demonstrating the value of enterprise architecture to gain fresh insights and move forward in your projects.


Enhance product knowledge

Stay current with the latest developments in enterprise architecture solutions, integrating AI features to enhance team collaboration and drive value-driven outcomes. 


Stay ahead of the curve

Engage with speakers and peers to explore new possibilities for leveraging enterprise architecture in bolstering cyber resilience.


Leverage AI advancements

Discover ideas and concrete examples of integrating AI into your enterprise architecture practices to streamline processes and accelerate project delivery.

Business Architecture Conference Keynote

Enterprise architecture keynote

Get Ahead of What's Next for Enterprise Architects

Join our CEO, Luca de Risi, as he delves into the transformative power of AI in enterprise architecture. Learn how AI streamlines processes, empowers decision-makers, and amplifies Enterprise Architects' influence in the digital transformation era. Gain insights into essential strategies for safeguarding organizations against the rising tide of cyber threats. 

Meet our Guest Speakers
Chief of Data Architecture Marco Panebianco

Marco Panebianco 

Chief of Data Architecture 


Cybersecurity Partner Imad Abounasr

Imad Abounasr

Cybersecurity Partner


Lean42 GmbH Jean Gehring

Jean Gehring

Global Managing Partner CIO Advisory Services

Lean42 GmbH

Business Architecture Guild William M. Ulrich

William M.Ulrich


Business Architecture Guild

Katie Mayers

Katie Mayers

Head of Enterprise Architecture and Requirements


Grant Ecker

Grant Ecker

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Chief Architect Network

Andrew Blades

Andrew Blades

Director and Founder

The Bridge Search

Olivier Constant​

Olivier Constant​

Team leader Architecture

Rhapsodies Conseil​

Michel Frechou

Michel Frechou ​

Enterprise Architect​ ​


Alessandro Turetta

Alessandro Turetta

President & CEO


Michele Breda

Michele Breda

Internal Auditor

Manni Group

David Canestri

David Canestri

Head of Privacy Governance

Intesa Sanpaolo

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