Optimize and transform your business processes

We provide Business Analysts and Process Owners with business process management (BPM) software that helps organizations understand how they operate and how to optimize and transform business processes for continuous improvements.

Understand where breakdowns occur by connecting business, risk, data, and IT perspectives with a team collaboration tool that enable you to pinpoint where/how problems exist and identify burgeoning issues. Use a customer lens to simulate scenarios and design effective processes that help the organization achieve operational excellence with our BPM tool.

Increase business efficiency

  • Save time and avoid inconsistencies using process discovery and automatic process diagramming.
  • Simulate various optimization scenarios and identify areas of improvement.
  • Support new business initiatives with dedicated business process analysis dashboards.

Improve customer experience

  • Map customer journeys and design the optimal customer experience.
  • Use process mining to identify bottlenecks and potential reworks.
  • Leverage AI-powered root cause analysis to quickly identify why processes are not executed as expected.

Comply with policies and regulations

  • Document and maintain business processes in a single shared repository to get an accurate and up-to-date view of current efforts.
  • Compare actual and planned processes to evaluate process conformance.
  • Monitor processes and compliance with policies and regulations.
Gartner business process management tools
The combination of process management with enterprise architecture has convinced us, and we have not regretted the decision in the last 6 years
Process Manager in the Energy and Utility Industry

Business process modelling and management software

Understand the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations using an interactive map that shows how the organization and its dependencies function. Generate automatic process diagrams from a table entry and map customers journeys. See what your processes look like in reality using process mining for continuous improvement. Compare process mapped with reality, identify points of inefficiency and simulate various optimization scenarios to improve your business with a customer-centric approach.
BPM software

MEGA HOPEX Platform for business process management and analysis

Simplify collaboration and ensure alignment, collect, and analyze information, and get actionable insights with a smart, automated, and connected platform.

Smart: Get data-driven insights

Make data-driven decisions, get actionable insights, and share visibility across the organization using a collaborative enterprise portal and mobile apps that increased decision making velocity.

Automated: Accelerate your projects delivery

Accelerate project delivery, minimize time-to-value, and improve productivity using automated process, application, and data discovery and diagram generation.

Connected: Improve collaboration and alignment

Improve collaboration, develop synergies, avoid duplicative efforts, and ensure stakeholder alignment on strategic objectives by connecting strategy, business, IT, data, and risk perspectives on the same platform.

business process management software

Leverage out-of-the-box integrations to accelerate your business process transformation

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Leverage Microsoft Teams workspaces and chat to simply share process diagrams, data, and analytics to foster collaboration.

Microsoft Vision


Easily import Visio diagrams in HOPEX and automatically translate Visio shapes into BPMN diagrams.

Rest API GraphQL

Rest API and GraphQL

Perform any custom integration with third-party products through simple, efficient, industrialized GraphQL and REST APIs that can easily evolve as your business needs change.

Work in a standardized manner using recognized business process management frameworks



Understand and communicate internal business procedures in a standardized manner using Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). 



Standardize and structure your business process landscape using either cross-industry or industry-specific guidelines in the APQC Process Classification Framework (PCF)®. 

See MEGA HOPEX for BPM in action

Have a look at MEGA HOPEX BPM tool’s easy-to-use interface to see how you can model process automatically, support collaboration, and get actionable insights to transform and optimize your business processes:

  • Automatically generate process diagrams,
  • Simulate scenarios and customer journeys to see where/how to optimize your processes,
  • Foster collaboration and share process models within your organization,
  • Monitor your process repository.
business process management software

Core business process management use cases

Process Optimization

Understand which part of your processes need to be optimized or changed to improve your customers’ experience.

Quality Management Systems

Create a single source of information for business operation documentation and standardization and simplify compliance activities.

Business Process Compliance

Maintain an up-to-date repository of applicable regulations, ensure business compliance with the identification and implementation of the necessary internal controls, and monitor compliance levels. 

See MEGA HOPEX in Action