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Leverage a collaborative SaaS platform to accelerate transformation

The HOPEX platform is a modern, secure, and scalable SaaS platform that integrates seamlessly into the company's IT ecosystem. Designed to evolve alongside your company's growth, the platform offers solid foundations that ensure consistency, scalability, and return on investment maximization. 

MEGA HOPEX Platform enables collaboration, automation, and actionable insights to accelerate transformation initiatives.



Connect teams in one single platform, accessing the same information to create engagement and deliver value for all.



Get actionable analytics for informed decision-making thanks to a common and shared data repository, guaranteeing reliability.



Leverage generative AI/ML and automated features to enhance the team’s skills and accelerate projects and time-to-value.

HOPEX Platform main capabilities

All the tools and capabilities needed to enhance strategic alignment and accelerate transformation initiatives in one innovative platform connecting business and IT.

Automated data collection

Save time building your repository with automatic discovery and generative AI/ML.

Unified repository

Centralize all data in one place and define a single source of truth.

Modeling engine

Use best-in-class diagramming for business, architecture, and data modeling.

Assessment engine

Quickly build and update your repository using a crowdsourcing approach.

Reports and dashboards

Foster decision-making with a data-driven platform.

Enterprise portal

Enhance communication across your organization.


Gather teams within a unique collaborative workspace and ease team communication.

Configurable metamodel

Adapt MEGA HOPEX to your operating model with easy-to-use customization options.

Open APIs

Seamlessly integrate your repository into your IT landscape.

HOPEX Intelligence 

Embedded AI services that make you go faster, smarter, and more efficient with HOPEX

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HOPEX Intelligence AI Tools

Based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure and certified SOC2 type 2, MEGA HOPEX guarantees industry-leading security, confidentiality, and availability standards.

hopex platform certified soc 2
hopex sofware microsoft certified partner

Out-of-the-box APIs and integrations with the HOPEX Platform

Establish the MEGA HOPEX Platform as your core operating system. Connect it to your IT ecosystem with third-party products and build an enterprise hub.

SaaS discovery

Automatically and continuously detect all SaaS applications.

Application health assessment

Get metrics on software code for your in-house applications and assess their cloud readiness.

Data discovery 

Employ built-in connectors based on CDATA’s automatic discovery to industrialize metadata discovery from various data sources and build data catalogs.

Technology discovery and lifecycle management

Automatically discover technologies to build your inventory.

Technology lifecycle management

Monitor technology obsolescence and mitigate technology risks.

Technical data lineage

Benefit from a data lineage platform that provides full visibility and control of your data pipeline.

Data discovery 

Connect your relational databases to the HOPEX repository to generate models and retrieve metadata directly.


Simply share business process models, architecture diagrams, data, analytics and foster collaboration.

Productivity and communication

Quickly import and/or export data within HOPEX with Office applications.

Data discovery 

Connect your relational databases to the HOPEX repository to generate models and retrieve metadata directly.


Efficiently integrate with third-party products.

Regulatory intelligence 

Retrieve harmonized regulatory content and associated controls from more than 1,000+ regulations and industry standards worldwide.

Enhance enterprise collaboration with MEGA HOPEX Products

Invest in a scalable platform that fosters team collaboration and generates beneficial synergies. Connect your practices and leverage HOPEX as your core operating system for implementing enterprise governance.

Transform and secure your IT landscape in line with your business objectives

Drive business process transformation to reach operational excellence

Streamline GRC management for resilient and sustainable growth

Share a common enterprise data language, build trust, and drive business success

Experience immediate benefits.

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