HOPEX Data Governance features

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data catalog

Data catalog and metadata management

Centralize all your metadata in one single repository

  • Data discovery: Use data discovery and connectors to access and retrieve metadata from any data source.
  • Data catalog: Automatically initialize your catalog for quicker data office operations.
  • Ownership: Define responsibilities for Business Data Owners and all stakeholders interacting with the data.
business glossary

Data dictionary and business glossary

Define and document data terms to share a common understanding

  • Business glossary: Automatically generate a business glossary from a data catalog.
  • Diagramming: Design conceptual models and add extra definitional content such as diagrams and visuals.
  • Assessment: Conduct assessment and remediation campaigns to assess and improve data quality and compliance.
data lineage business data lineage diagram

Functional data lineage

Analyze data transformation and conduct change impact analysis

  • Usage context: Connect data to business processes, applications, and risks.
  • Data transformation: Visualize how data is transformed using out-of-the-box dendrograms.
  • Impact assessment: Trace data flows, identify dependencies, and evaluate how changes impact interconnected data assets and processes.
modeling tool data model

Modeling tool

Create your data models effortlessly

  • Physical models: Jump-start your models using database reverse engineering that automatically detects dependencies and relationships.
  • Logical and conceptual models: Seamlessly create connected models by automatically generating logical and conceptual layers.
  • Impact analysis: Use built-in navigation links between physical, logical, and conceptual layers to research and validate needed change.
Dendogramm data gov


Analyze your data and make informed decisions

  • Impact analysis: perform complete environment analysis before executing transformation to identify potential impacts and mitigate risks.
  • Tailored reports: leverage out-of-the-box templates or easily configure your own reports & dashboards to monitor your projects.
collaboration feature data governance


Gather all data community within a unique collaborative workspace

  • Data literacy: Use a dedicated enterprise portal to make your data catalog and business glossary available for all your employees to leverage and use.
  • Workflow: Establish approbation workflows to improve collaboration between data designers, stewards, and owners.
  • Surveys: Leverage surveys and questionnaires to crowdsource the evaluation of data quality and compliance.

A collaborative, automated, and data-driven platform

Speed up your projects with our SaaS secure platform, ensuring consistency, scalability, and a high return on investment. The HOPEX platform brings your data teams together in a collaborative workspace with a single repository supported by AI automation and analytics capabilities.


Collaborative workspace

Ease teamwork and communication by connecting all the data community in one place.


Data-driven decisions

Make well-informed decisions with robust analytics and dashboards using consolidated data stored in your repository.


Automated features

Accelerate data integration, projects and time-to-value with automated features for data discovery and modeling.

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