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Manage risks across business processes, IT assets, and data

Risk complexity and velocity, coupled with regulatory pressure, and ongoing organizational changes endanger the future of your organization.

Adopt a connected approach to risk management, enhancing visibility and fostering collaboration to facilitate risk identification and management across business processes, applications, and data.

Boost the efficiency and agility of your risk management

Identify and inventory your risks

Inventory your risks

  • Leverage out-of-the-box templates to import GRC registers (Organization, business processes, risks, controls, participants with roles and responsibilities, …)
  • Design a GRC framework in line with business objectives by mapping risks to your organization, business processes, and controls in a single repository.
  • Perform advanced risk management by using our Business Process Analysis module to directly identify risks on process diagrams.
Asses your Risks

Assess your risks

  • Automate risk assessment campaigns with a defined scope and cadence.
  • Facilitate risk identification and management with direct assessment on heatmaps.
  • Design risk assessment questionnaires with ease according to your methodology.
Quantify your risks

Quantify your risks

  • Declare, document, and notify incidents as soon as they occur. 
  • Capture monetary impacts and incident occurrences to quantify their effect on the organization. 
  • Perform root cause and risk analysis to drive remediation.
Monitor your risks

Monitor your risks

  • Monitor risk evolution with comprehensive dashboards aggregating all the data needed.
  • Define key indicators (KPI, KRI, …) and receive automatic alerts in case of threshold breaches.
  • Get a holistic and consolidated view of your risk exposure.
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Other Governance, risk and compliance use cases

HOPEX GRC provides all the capabilities required to perform robust risk assessment and management, meet compliance requirements, and conduct audits to foster a governance of ethics and integrity.

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