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Minimize disruptions using strategic continuity planning

In a globalized and interconnected environment, organizations face interdependent risks posing a significant threat to their future. Hence, the challenge lies in foreseeing the potential "domino" effect of these risks and developing resilient continuity plans to navigate future crises.

Adopt a connected approach to business continuity by understanding how your infrastructure supports your business objectives and identifying critical interdependencies. This approach enhances operational resilience ensuring your organization can withstand future disruptions.

Improve operational resilience to withstand crisis and disruptions

Identify your critical audit

Identify your critical operations

  • Define your continuity plan strategy.
  • Leverage risk data to sharpen analysis.
  • Conduct Business Impact Analysis to assess process criticality.
Build your business continuity plans

Build your business continuity plans

  • Design automatic degraded mode in case of disruptions.
  • Document and centralize process recovery procedures.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities for notifications and workflow.
Test tour business continuity plans

Test your business continuity plans

  • Conduct continuity tests under various scenarios.
  • Monitor and analyze plan progress in real-time.
  • Identify improvement areas to refine resilience strategy.
Monitor your operationnal resilience

Monitor your operational resilience

  • Automate continuity plan initialization to minimize disruptions.
  • Use advanced resilience mapping to foresee potential domino effect.
  • Get superior visibility on your resilience status.

Governance, risk and compliance use cases

HOPEX GRC provides all the capabilities required to perform robust risk assessment and management, meet compliance requirements, and conduct audits to foster a governance of ethics and integrity.

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