Compliance management Use Case

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Ensure compliance with internal and external requirements

Navigating an ever-evolving regulatory landscape spanning multiple jurisdictions presents growing risks and costs for your organization. This situation amplifies the challenge of aligning and coordinating Compliance and Internal Control initiatives across the organization, especially under resource constraints.

Implement a collaborative compliance-by-design framework to effectively manage regulatory complexity and ensure policy adherence. Mutualize Internal Compliance efforts to proactively safeguard the organization from regulatory fines and potential harm.

Bolster regulatory compliance and policy adherence

Identify and inventory your regulatory requirements

Inventory your regulatory requirements

  • Leverage out-of-the-box templates to import GRC registers (Organizational structure, regulations, policies, industry standards, controls, risks, participants with roles and responsibilities, …)
  • Design a GRC framework across regulatory requirements, policies, risks, and controls that is in line with regulations and procedures, in a single repository.
  • Seamlessly import regulations, industry standards, and their mandated controls with our open API.
Access your controls

Assess your controls

  • Automate compliance assessment campaigns with a defined scope and cadence.
  • Design specific compliance and internal Control assessment questionnaires.
  • Facilitate business participation with an intuitive and engaging UX.
Manage your issues

Manage your issues

  • Declare, document, and notify compliance risks with issue management.
  • Create and assign action plans, with priorities, and deadlines for swift remediation.
  • Use reports and workflows to follow up on mitigation progress and improve compliance status.
Monitor your controls

Monitor your compliance

  • Monitor compliance rate and progress by leveraging dashboards aggregating all the data needed.
  • Analyze compliance rate and policy adherence across multiple dimensions (Regulations, entities, …)
  • Get a holistic and consolidated view of your compliance and control environment.

Other Governance, risk and compliance use cases

HOPEX GRC provides all the capabilities required to perform robust risk assessment and management, meet compliance requirements, and conduct audits to foster a governance of ethics and integrity.

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