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Transform your IT landscape with a connected EA tool

We help enterprise architects manage their IT portfolios, plan IT changes, and design business-oriented solutions while keeping security in mind. Our platform, HOPEX, uniquely connects IT, business, risk, and data to align IT with business strategies better and facilitate transformation. We provide you with the best EA solution and build sustainable operating models.


Gain 360° insight

  • Applications, processes, and business capabilities
  • Data flows and applications’ interdependencies
  • Technology investments supporting organization’s goals

Speed-up outcomes

  • Automatic discovery of applications and technologies
  • Automatic mapping of applications to business capabilities
  • Readily accessible industry-specific content

Reduce costs and risks

  • Technology lifecycle content embedded in the subscription
  • Business impact analysis across applications and technologies
  • Availability of regulatory content to ensure IT compliance

See HOPEX Enterprise Architecture software in action

Explore HOPEX’s intuitive interface, and experience how fast you can manage application portfolios, plan IT transformations, and design IT solutions.

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A leader in the Gartner Magic QuadrantTM for Enterprise Architecture tools and Forrester WaveTM Enterprise Architecture Management Suites

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Showcase EA value.
Become an internal advisor.
enterprise solution architecture tool

Business outcome-driven, to deliver fast EA value

We help you become an internal advisor and demonstrate tangible value with enterprise architecture, through concrete use cases and pragmatic outcomes. Our playbooks guide you on how to implement use cases fast and successfully. Our maturity assessment model helps you evaluate the impact of your enterprise architecture practice, and build a path to becoming influential.

Application Portfolio Management

Get a clear view of your applications, technologies, and business capabilities.

Technology Risk Management

Monitor IT asset obsolescence by managing end-of-life technology information.

Solution Architecture

Design innovative IT solutions using multiple architecture perspectives.

Business Architecture

Provide a holistic view of your organization’s business model, processes, and capabilities.

Business Process Analysis

Model and optimize the business processes supported by your applications.

Data Architecture

Design and manage your data assets' overall structure, organization, and integration.

A modular EA tool, that adapts to your maturity

Our flexible enterprise architecture tool offers easy-to-use and fast-to-deploy solutions. Start with your immediate needs and seamlessly expand as you grow. What sets us apart is our platform's seamless integration of IT, business, risk, and data perspectives, providing limitless expansion options.

Boost efficiency.
Empower EA with HOPEX.

Simplicity with advanced enterprise architecture capabilities

Streamline your projects by using our intuitive, best-in-class, and AI-powered features, and focus on communicating enterprise architecture's value to business and IT stakeholders. From creating a unified data repository to managing your IT landscape, designing new solutions, and planning strategic transformation; we’ve got you covered.

Data collection

Collect data automatically with discovery and AI/ML features.

Common repository

Centralize all business and IT data to create a single source of truth.

Modeling tool

Create enterprise architecture models with best-in-class diagramming features.

Business capability mapping

Model, analyze, and optimize business capabilities.

Industry reference content

Accelerate EA delivery and streamline repository maintenance with reference catalogs.


Get insights and automatic recommendations by leveraging embedded reports.

Planning and road-mapping

Build business and IT roadmaps based on the company’s strategy.


Improve team efficiency and communication with a shared collaborative workspace.

A collaborative, automated, and data-driven platform

Speed up your projects with our SaaS secure platform, ensuring consistency, scalability, and a high return on investment. The HOPEX platform brings your teams together in a collaborative workspace with a single repository supported by AI automation and analytics capabilities.


Collaborative workspace

Ease teamwork and communication by connecting all enterprise architecture stakeholders in one place.


Data-driven decisions

Make well-informed decisions with robust analytics and dashboards using consolidated data stored in your repository.


Automated features

Accelerate projects and time-to-value with generative AI/ML and automated features.

Time-to-value of enterprise architecture with effortless integrations

Kickstart your enterprise repository with relevant data and maintain its freshness through automated processes using our pre-built integrations. Our HOPEX platform seamlessly integrates with your IT ecosystem, accelerating the time-to-value of your enterprise architecture initiatives.

SaaS discovery

Automatically and continuously detect all SaaS applications.

Application health assessment

Get metrics on software code for your in-house applications and assess their cloud readiness.

Technology discovery and lifecycle Management

Automatically discover technologies used and track their life cycle.


Simply share architecture diagrams, data, and analytics, and foster collaboration.

Productivity and communication

Quickly import and/or export data within HOPEX with Office applications.


Efficiently integrate with third-party products.

IT asset management

Seamlessly synchronize data in both directions between HOPEX and ServiceNow.

Regulatory intelligence

Access regulatory content and controls from 1,000+ global industrial regulations and standards.

Standardization with established enterprise architecture frameworks

Gain efficiency, improve governance, and increase agility using internationally recognized frameworks. Our enterprise architecture tool support several business and IT architecture standards to adapt to your needs.

HOPEX is certified for The Open Group ArchiMate 3.1.

HOPEX supports The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) Architecture Develop Method (AMD) and complies with the TOGAF Architecture Content Framework (ACF).

NAF views, including capability, operational, service-oriented, system, technical, and program views, are implemented in HOPEX.

BIAN members can import service landscape models, including capability maps for the banking industry.

Industry reference models from this business architecture framework can be used in HOPEX, including capability maps, value streams, and information maps.

HOPEX supports UML 2.3, including all static behavioral diagrams.

HOPEX supports DoDAF, the Department of Defense Architecture Framework, providing a repository-based tool to describe and share all DoDAF views.

Start with your immediate use case.
Expand as you grow.

Enterprise architecture use cases

Enterprise architecture has an extensive scope, from application rationalization to IT strategic planning, while ensuring IT systems security. We help you define your objectives and address your immediate needs while delivering fast and tangible results. Once started, you can build on your achievements and, step by step, expand as you grow with our enterprise architecture solutions.

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