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Maintain digital operational resilience amid disruptions

In today's hyper-connected landscape, organizations are increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. A breach or IT failure can lead to severe disruptions impacting customers, employees, and partners and even threatening the organization's survival.

Adopt a collaborative, holistic approach integrating Cyber, IT, GRC, Business, and Data into a unified repository. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of risks and emerging threats for effective cyber resilience management. 

Stay ahead of cyberattacks with cyber resilience management

Design your cyber resilience framework

Design your cyber resilience framework

  • Gain a holistic understanding of your organization's operations and IT dependencies.
  • Identify critical processes and set recovery objectives by performing Business Impact Analysis.
  • Map IT assets, vendors, risks, and controls to critical processes. 
Asses your Cyber Resilience Framework

Assess your cyber resilience framework

  • Perform continuous cyber risk & control assessment campaigns.
  • Engage with IT and security teams to assess cyber risk and control level of the organization.
  • ​Analyze cyber risk levels across multiple dimensions to understand potential threats. 
Plan your cyber resilience

Plan your cyber resilience strategy

  • Gain insight into the specific continuity requirements of every critical process from business and IT perspectives.
  • Delineate step-by-step protocols for transitioning to degraded operations and initiating recovery procedures.
  • Simulate various threats and scenarios to test the readiness of the cyber resilience framework. 
Manage your cyber resilience

Manage your cyber incidents

  • Ensure that cyber incidents are swiftly communicated to the appropriate stakeholders and response teams.
  • Classify incidents by severity and potential consequences for effective prioritization of response efforts.
  • Perform root cause analysis by retracing incident propagation across the organization. 
Monitor your cyber resilience

Monitor your cyber resilience

  • Enable internal audit to independently review cyber resilience framework effectiveness and compliance.
  • Leverage pre-built templates and reports to streamline regulatory reporting.
  • Get a consolidated view of your cyber resilience status for continuous improvement. 

Governance, risk and compliance use cases

HOPEX GRC provides all the capabilities required to perform robust risk assessment and management, meet compliance requirements, and conduct audits to foster a governance of ethics and integrity.

Build cyber resilience today!