Our Commitment to Sustainable Development

We are committed to social and environmental initiatives with our employees to minimize the environmental impact and encourage sustainable growth with our suppliers, partners, and customers. As a software company, we're particularly focused on a sustainable IT program that helps reduce our carbon footprint and strengthens our commitment to social and community-based efforts. 

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Governance - A pragmatic approach

Priorities in our Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability Committee 

Established in 2022, the MEGA Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee includes representatives from every department and convenes monthly. Its primary function is to define the roadmap for sustainable actions based on best practices and key principles: Human and Labor rights, Ethics, and Environment.

CSR Advocates 

To support the CSR Committee's efforts, we formed a team of dedicated employees passionate about CSR issues. This team takes the lead on specific projects and local initiatives to help spread the word about CSR actions in all the countries where MEGA is present worldwide. 

SDG approach & stakeholders 

Our CSR approach is based on the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), using them as a blueprint to shape our approach, engage with stakeholders, and carve out a progressive path. In 2023, we've identified the following priorities: Quality education (4), Gender equality (5), Decent work and economic growth, Innovation and infrastructure (9), Responsible production and consumption (12), and Climate action (13).

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Social - Engagement and Quality of life at work

Make our social practices a catalyst for well-being and performance:

Promote diversity and gender equality 

MEGA upholds an inclusive recruitment and career development policy, welcoming candidates regardless of age, disability, gender, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation. With women making up 33% of our workforce, we actively put gender equality at the center of our efforts.

Work-life balance and a comfortable working environment 

90% of our employees benefit from teleworking, which is considered a real asset for the quality of life at work. MEGA's workplace fosters interaction and adaptability by offering flexible work arrangements, featuring collaborative, innovative, and welcoming spaces.

Citizen engagement program 

MEGA employees are granted one day of solidarity leave per year. They can engage in various initiatives: raising awareness (environment, diversity, disability, education), participating in challenges, or organizing meaningful team-building activities. 

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Environment – Contributing to reduce our footprint

Reducing Environmental Impact: Integrating environmental criteria into our procedures

Carbon footprint assessment 

From 2020 to 2022, MEGA calculated its carbon footprint on scopes 1, 2 and 3, focusing on the headquarters and its operations in France. From 2023, we have a global carbon footprint covering all of our locations around the world, with a result of 1,065 tonnes of CO2e across the 3 scopes. On this basis, we are working on an action plan aimed at reducing our impact using science-based objectives.

Eco-friendly Practices and Moderation

MEGA actively promotes environmental stewardship by adopting eco-friendly practices, reducing energy consumption and waste, and choosing suppliers who meet eco-responsible standards (like recycled materials and responsible channels).

Raising awareness on Climate change  

To help employees understand global warming and call to inspire actions, MEGA organizes "Climate Fresk" workshops focused on collaboration and supports reforestation projects to protect forests and fragile ecosystems.

MEGA's carbon emissions

Sustainable IT – Eco-Design and Green IT

As a software company supporting our customers in their digital transformation, we are deeply committed to a sustainable IT approach.

Eco-Design of MEGA products

From the design phase, the MEGA HOPEX solution aims to focus on core needs, avoiding unnecessary features. It minimizes disk space usage, CPU usage, data processing, and screen rendering. Eco-conception methods minimize the platform's power needs, and any unused features are removed.

Green IT approach 

To reduce the environmental impact of our information system, we engage in several practices: leasing computer and office equipment (including recovery and recycling of equipment), prolonging equipment lifespan, reducing printing, and enhancing the efficiency of servers and applications.

Sustainable IT Label 

In 2022, we began the process to earn the "Sustainable IT Label" from the Sustainable ICT Institute, operated by the LUCIE agency. MEGA achieved the Sustainable IT Label level 1 in July 2023 and is committed to a two-year action plan for further improvement.